Monday, August 29, 2011

Out door wednesday/Save the world: Use your brains and build your own plane

Our new Our World Logo designed by Gattina.

I am very happy to announce that I was asked by Sylvia and Sandy who were so kind to decide to continue in the same spirit as "My World" to be member of the new Our World Tuesday team.

I created the new logo, I just wanted this meme to be continued, because it is so interesting to see our different worlds as we are such an international group and there are many things we don't know of each other and we can't find in books. Gattina.

Thank you, Gatinna, I didn't want to stop too.

I went to Christchurch to visit my old friends. They took me to Loburn, to visit Ivan and Sandy Campbell. We were all excited as we drove to North Canterbury to Loburn Abbey airfield, I was most impressed with Ivan building his own plane.

I was the second person to fly. Ivan asked me if I had flown in a plane like this. I said," Not in a tiger moth, only a commercial plane." I could hear other voices, and Ivan said it was the other planes around." For the kids, Ivan did a plane roller coaster, but he knew it was not for me.

That's a tick off my bucket list.


Jo said...

That is an impressive flying machine, Ann. Did you get a ride in it? Blessings, Jo

diane b said...

He is one clever cookie. Did you go for a flight?

Bagman and Butler said...

Wow. Building your own plane is a gusty thing to do!

Ensurai said...

This is a brilliant man!!

Gattina said...

Thank you for the introduction !

I once had the opportunity to fly with a friend along the Belgian coast in such a plane, was a strange feeling. I wasn't afraid, but I also was happy when we landed !

Small Footprints said...

Oh what fun! Did you enjoy the ride? I love to fly and have flown in several kinds of "machines". One of the most outstanding wasn't a machine at all (didn't have an engine) ... it was a glider. It was like being a bird ... soaring on thermals into the clouds! :-) Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Ginny Hartzler said...

A lifetime experience!!!!

LindyLouMac said...

Calling by from both memes which I am also participating in. What an interesting post,not sure if I would have enjoyed the experience.