Monday, January 23, 2012

Save the world: Do not spit.

I grew up in Borneo with the fear of TB aka tuberculosis, and we were told educated people should not spit. TB was a very fearful disease. People were sent to sanitorium and they die.

Just the other day, I could hear foot steps behind me, and that awful sound of someone about to bring his spit out. Next thing, I could feel the spit almost landing on my legs. This idiot brought his unhealthy habit to New Zealand.

I like the model of Singapore where I lived for sixteen year. Despite whatever people say about Singapore, Singapore is clean and safe.

$500-$1000 Fine: Spitting in public
Spitting laws have been in the Singapore law books since the early 1900s but have only recently seen stepped up enforcement. The last available data on stepped up enforcement appears to be in the early to mid-1980s, when presumably the spread of tuberculosis. Recently, with the SARS, it was enough to frighten people. However, of late, there is a wave of new immigrants, even though they are very educated, they still have the nasty habit.

When I went to pick the water engineer from his international trip, I saw this rubbish bin in the Auckland International Arrival lounge. I hope everyone reads the notice. If not, I hope more people will read this notice from this blog and my facebook.


Unknown said...

Wow ... who would ever think that this would be a problem. But contagious diseases, some that haven't been around for years, are now reappearing. It's a shame!

Ginny Hartzler said...

We live in the south and have a lot of spitters here. We always see the spit on the parking lot, and see men spitting. It is so iccky!!! I have heard that Singapore is so really clean and crime free. I think they must have strict crime enforcement.

mrs green said...

Hi from the meet and greet. I'm so glad I stopped by to be educated. Spitting is something I've never thought of as a health hazard. People spit all the time over here (I'm in the uK). It's cool it would appear ;) Fortunately we don't seem to have a TB risk but I'm amazed there are places in the world where fines are in place for such things - how wonderful!

Jo said...

TB and spitting people is very real in Africa too, Ann. While in West Africa and later in North Africa, during Ramadaan fasting month, people spat continuously. Glad you're bringing this to people's attention. Hope you're keeping well. Jo

Ensurai said...

Ann...the art of spitting has been perfected in Asia and seems to be spreading to other parts of the world.

I was brought up not to spit because dad was educated and in fact we used to wonder how educated he was when he brushed his teeth without a single cough or spit unlike all the others...

Spitting is increased during the Ramadan month in Malaysia because Muslims are not allowed to swallow even their saliva.

The worst reason for spitting in Sarawak - to show contempt of a person or an idea...I am very offended by this..but people still do it. I think it will take more generations to educate Asians and Malaysians..Thanks for the post.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Hi from the Meet & Greet. Spitting in Brazil, a daily, no hourly occurrence; everywhere you go men and boys spit, you can't get away from it here.


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I am surprised, Mrs. Green that it is "cool" in UK to spit. When I was growing up in British Colony Sarawak, spitting was frowned on by the British adminstrators.

Here in modern day New Zealand, we have an issue of Sports personality spitting.

SARS in 2003 was deadly, and enough to frighten many people.