Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 5/18: Gates and Fences

These gates were beautiful ornate wrought metal when they are made. Years of neglect makes me imagine a haunted castle lies inside the driveway. Actually there are tennis courts inside. In 1921 Mr Hallyburton Johnstone, a farmer from Ngatea, purchased this property. Pt Chevalier Hally-Burton Johnstone Tennis Club was established in 1927 by Hally Burton Johnstone and is now in its 80th year.

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 5/18: Gates and Fences

Gates and Fences 
They can be practical 
or decorative. 
Let's show them in their best light!

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Kerry said...

At one time I bet this was quite grand. Being near the sea I suppose it doesn't take long for the iron to corrode?

GingerV said...

makes me want to break out my brillo pad, the rust-o-lium and the paint. just cause your old doesn't mean it is right to neglet exterior parts.

I am having my moring coffee while Camillo unloads the dishwasher and makes breakfast - then off to gym to move my rusty joints. Lol.

Jama said...

That's a very beautiful gate, too bad it had gone to rust.

Cheryl said...

I love the rusted gates. Gives them character.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Yes, I can imagine this was probably the talk of the town when first put up. Too bad it has been neglected but as Cheryl said, rust does give them a little character. It makes us wonder how long it's been there, who made it, etc.

MizzKay said...

I'm with Ginger, my first thought on the rusty gate was "Where's that wire brush?" It's very atmospheric.

Pauline said...

I like the rustic look, so like these as they are. Good find.

Bagman and Butler said...

Like looking into past grandeur!