Thursday, January 31, 2013

FSO: Camera

The meme for this week is introducing your camera. I drew a picture  of my camera in my other blog post.

This is not a photo of my camera but it is a photo of that era early 1970s. A Black and White of a school hockey team.

Facebook brought me back to some of these girls. I posted a photo in my blog of Jasnah and me with some teachers. Jasnah was googling and found herself and she messaged me.  Hii Mee Kee was a FB friend of another friend, and she lives in in UK. Someone led me to Rohani who is now a minister in the Government. Finally I found Ivy Ngui.

I am doing this post because Ivy read my news feed of my Face book.  Kai Chung School had an appeal for books and she replied. She sent boxes of books.

As for this group of hockey players, we didn't win, but we were available.It's not easy being in a team knowing we will never beat the reigning Champions, the 3 Rivers School in Mukah. We actually pitied our coach, Jason Chua.

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Pauline said...

I'm getting later and later at getting around to everyone's shoot outs. Thank heavens for Waitangi Day today! Facebook is great for tracking down old friends, isn't it?