Thursday, January 31, 2013

FSO: Introduce Us to Your Camera

sorry it's been so long ago since I used this camera in 1970. I was 16,  It has a brown case and long thin strap. I have to draw from imagination.

It wasn't my camera, it was my dad's. He went to England in 1956 and bought it. It was special,  it looks like a modern camera but you need to press the button, and the lens comes out like a concertina. I haven't seen it   any where else. Dad let us kids use it when we joined our school photography club. You have to adjust the aperture.

When I was in the club, I was the only kid with a camera, and these other kids monopolised them because they didn't have one. We took photos and developed them in the school's dark room. I didn't stay long because these kids kept monopolising the camera.

The negatives have 12 shots, and come out in 2 inch square. Photography was an expensive game. you took your finished roll of film, and then you wait 5 days and it was black and white.

Sadly, in the Tropics, there were termites. Most of the photos were gone.

Today, I use a digital.

February 1: Introduce Us to Your Camera After all, it is like a member of the family! Tell us about your first camera, how you became involved in photography, etc.


Jama said...

I remember this camera, my uncle used to have something similar and we are not allowed to touch it at all!

DawnTreader said...

Much has happened on the camera front since the mid 1900s. I have no clear memory of my first camera but I do still have some of the pictures I took with it.

Cheryl said...

What a great idea to draw your first camera. I loved taking photos with those old things.

I don't have my first camera but I have my first 35mm camera. It's still the camera I love most but it's expensive to get the film processed.