Saturday, December 7, 2013

Save our world: Worm farms

Through Ngarimu Blair, Heritage & Resource Manager of
NGATI WHATUA O ORAKEI CORPORATE LTD, I got to be involved in Zero Waste.  Ngarimu had a big worm farm in his Marae in Orakei. He said he would give me some worms.

I have my own little worm farm in my room. The kids love it, searching for the burrows and feeding them with scraps.

We even make our own poem.

Noke our worm.

Noke eats our peels,
Noke eats our scraps.
Noke eats paper.

Noke is good for the garden.
Noke is good for the plants.
Noke likes the dark.

Noke is squirmy,
Noke is wriggly.
Noke tickles my palm.

Noke is Maori for worm.


Jo said...

I love worm farms, Ann. In South Africa I have a compost heap which is a natural worm farm. Yesterday as I dug over my small salad garden here in Tanzania, I unearthed a multitude of squirming, wriggly earthworms! Thanks for the awareness to save our world. Greetings Jo (East Africa)

EG CameraGirl said...

Worms are fabulous for gardens!

Gattina said...

Yikes ! nothing for me !!