Monday, December 30, 2013

Auckland Community Zero Waste Alliance (ACZWA)

Who are we?

  • Individuals from all over the Auckland Region, from Wellsford to Waimauku who REALLY don’t like waste.
  • We are working together to change a cultural mindset from one that says “waste is inevitable and necessary” to one that says “we need to redesign our economic system and our way of producing the things we use”.
  • We are supporters of the Auckland Plan for a community-based Resource Recovery Network. Look here or here for more information.
  • We are members of the national Community Recycling Network.
  • We promote information on how not to waste in the first place.

What do we do?

We are pressure group that seeks legislative changes to:
  • product stewardship, such as Container Deposit Legislation (we want Bottle Deposits back) and other mandatory schemes
  • National Waste Management and Minimisation Act  to require business and industry to be responsible for their waste like the EU policy
  • Auckland Waste Management and Minimisation Plan so that the Council is responsible for effective management of waste, not just responsible for promoting effective management of waste.
  • Changes to require international agreements that require responsibility for “cradle to cradle” life cycling of products.
When you drop your rubbish in the bin, have you ever thought what it is doing to the landfill and to our earth.

I have been associated with the Ngati Whatua o Orakei as a Zero Waste volunteer at its annual Waitangi Day Festival at Okahu Bay on February 6. This event averages an 84% recycled/composted rate, the best around.

Volunteers are invited to help and learn how to run a real green event. The volunteers stay on Orakei Marae on the night of February 5 and be welcomed becoming part of the tribe. This is a privilege and you get introduced to the Maori protocol of welcome.

Among the 60 over volunteere were people from all over the world who are environmentally conscious. On the February 5th evening, we listened to Jo Knight and another renowned speaker in culture and conservation.

I am honored to be part of the team educating the public on waste and sorting it while also lapping up great Aotearoa sounds and vibes.

Thank you for your hospitality, Chris and Ivy, and all those who cooked for us.
Thanks also to Nagrimu for inviting us.

The Marae feeds a worm farm which in turn feed the vegetable garden.

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