Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My translator : Mr Ting Kong Siin.

When I published my books, my Chinese speaking friends request I publish them in Chinese so they too can read it. 

Mr. Wong Meng Lei of Director and Chief Editor at SCAC - CMM     offered to publish my From China to Borneo to Beyond. This news was greeting with interests among the guests at my book launch and the media.

Meng Lei introduced and highly recommended Mr. King Kong Siin to be my translator. He is a retired engineer.

My sisters Rose and Elizabeth and I met with him at the hotel. Elizabeth found we have mutual friends. Rose and Elizabeth know Chinese and they would approve what Kong Siin had translated. 

Kong Siin and us communicated by email. He was very meticulous, and enthusiastic. He even went to Padang Road to have a feel of what I had written.

Kong Siin has finished translating, and I want to thank him publicly for doing a great job.

I can't wait to see the books go to press.  It is my dream to have the book available to readers in China.

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