Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Farewell Leni

Today friend M tells me that Leni has died.
Leni and I were faculty wives in NTU in Singapore.
Though I left in 2006,
Our friendship had not diluted.

I was most touched my Leni's act of generosity.
In 2012, I went to visit Singapore,
I remarked her beautiful top.

She took me to a boutique,
And brought this top for me.
The girl in the shop said, you must be a special friend,
for her to buy such an expensive top.

Last year, when I visited,
She took me to the Marina gardens.
Today, she has joined my Aunty,
and my baby Andrew in Heaven.

I will  miss you, Leni.
When I wear this top,
I will remember you.

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