Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Days [Friday My Town Shoot Out]


We in the Southern Hemisphere is heading to our summer. So I post my old photos.
Severe snow, wind and rain is expected to continue to batter parts of the country. MetService said a bitterly cold southwest flow was expected to spread over the lower South Island with snow lowering to near sea level later today.

Southlanders already dealing with the effects of the weekend's storm were being urged to prepare for more snow and rain over the next two days.

My choice for this week:

Winter song
It's a cold, cold feeling
On a real lazy wind
That blows all the way trough you
And the autumn begins

How it cuts like a sabre
How it chills to the bone
You've got cold feet and fingers
And you're thinking of home

If I put my arms around you
Turn you in from the storm
From your autumn through winter
Darling I'll keep you warm

My overcoat's empty
Deep, wide and long
I got room for you darling
till your winter, till your winter has gone

Artist(Band):Chris Rea

Winter Days [Friday My Town Shoot Out] [Link-up]

How does your town prepare for the coming winter season? What do your homes look like when the nights are long and days are short?

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Mersad said...

Really stunning views. Thanks for linking in with Friday My Town Shoot Out.

Mersad Donko Photography