Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Plant preservation by pressing.

Plant preservation by pressing.

During my trip to China, I was at a display by the Yunnan group. I was drawn to the many pressed plants. I spoke to Dudleya who told me he did the preserving for Science,

For a young man, his work is phenomenal. He knew the botanical names of his plants.

He goes by the name Li Yi Fan or dudleya

Roz Wong This is how plants were preserved for ID in the past with flowers seeds etc. and labelled. Apart from art, he may well be preserving what the area have for prosperity ,should any get extinct.

Hi Ann!

I am so happy you send me e-mail and share these photos about the exhibition ! It will be a very important memory to me!

After that exhibition,I went back to home, take care of my garden and keep doing something about botanical herbarium.

Best wishes for you!


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