Sunday, January 7, 2018

Yunnan Olive

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Ba Tze said this is called oil olive in Yunnan and suggested that I tried one. I bit into one. It tasted siap siap. The surprising thing is each time I needed to cough the urge went away when I bite on it. The husband was surprised I still had it in my mouth.

Hi Ann!

I am so happy you send me e-mail and share these photos about the exhibition ! It will be a very important memory to me!

After that exhibition,I went back to home, take care of my garden and keep doing something about botanical herbarium.

Best wishes for you!


Kam Lin Chow 這種果实我們叫油甘子,吃了對喉嚨痛有幫助,它的叶還可以用來做枕頭的。
The Fruit of this kind of fruit we call oil gan, eat it with a sore throat, and its leaves can be used to make pillows.

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