Sunday, May 3, 2009

Church Picnic

Sharing a basketful of goodies.

Heart shaped bio degradeable balloons for the children. I like this kind of balloons. No killing of birds and fish. Ka pai to the organiser.

"Bokko" the clown show. He was really very very good.

"Bokko" with a Korean student, Celine.
My church is very fortunate to be near an International school ACIS. We always have International Students from all over the world. I often invite them home for a home cook meal because I remember what it was like when I was an International Student.
Today, my church Mt Albert Baptist Church had our church picnic at Rocket Park. The weather turned out beautiful and sunny for all the children's groups and grown ups. Yesterday, was wet, cold and miserable. Today, we couldn't ask for more.
"Bokko" the clown came all the way from Brazil to entertain us.  The children shouted "Eu te amo." It was sad that "Bokko"aka Marcelo will be returning home, but I am sure the children will remember him for a long time.


nopham said...

Very cute children! Enjoy your Blog.

Unknown said...

Again so much fun, say hi to Bakko for me :P