Friday, May 1, 2009

Gift from Canada

When you visit Rotorua, the land of volcanoes and geothermal activities, do pay a visit to the Botanical gardens.

I was very happy to see a Totem pole given by the People of Canada. Canada has a very special place in my heart. I lived in Canada in the mid 1970s as a student of Windsor University.


Mary said...


Since I am from Canada, I think it's wonderful that they sent the gift of the totem. They're so beautiful and so much artistic creativity goes into them.

Thanks so stopping by my blog and commenting. Be sure to stop by again.


Barry said...

Well that was nice of us, Ann. What thoughtful people we Canadians are.

Although, as totem poles go, I would have hoped we could have sent something a little...ugh, taller.

Bitsa Lit said...

I love totem poles...or realy any native art because of the stories and imagination that go along with them. Right around where I live, we actually dont have many or any of these around...come on Canada...pick up the slack!!! :D

Unknown said...

Again...I dream of going there, Nz and Canada :P