Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Svargo , the mime artist.

My students were lucky to be entertained and taught by Svargo. The kids had great fun miming his motor cycle ride. I have learnt a bit of miming myself to teach my students.

svargo began his career in West Berlin in 1978 where his love for mime inspired him to study it extensively. He has become recognised as a leading exponent of this art form, and has taught and performed throughout Europe. We are delighted that Australian and New Zealand students now have the opportunity to experience this fine actor in performance.

The Performance
In this excellent introduction to mime, Svargo demonstrates the diversity of his art, each vignette depicting a different technique. He creates for us such memorable characters as the robot, Hari-Kiri and the Nerd.

Svargo's style is very humorous, his allusions astounding, his talent and skills extraordinary. This is indeed a polished performance. Of course, the audience is enthusiastically involved and the interaction results in everyone thoroughly enjoying the presentation.

The performance covers drama, language, maths, communication, social behaviour and problem solving skills.

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