Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Courteous Driver

Friends from abroad remark that our drivers are very gentlemen drivers. Drivers obey the road code and are very courteous. This definitely doesn't happen in some Asian Countries.

Indeed, the driver of this tanker was an eye opener to one of my visitors. he actually pulled to the side of the road so that the cars could pass him. My visitor say, in his country, they won't care.

Now, you know why Auckland was rated 4th best city in the world. Though this photo was taken outside Auckland.


Unknown said...

Nope, not here...you know how it is. You'll be lucky if one come home alive..haha! ok, not that bad..but definitely needs tons of improvement. Again, I think it depends on which town one is from, the one I stay in - I don't like the drivers and stay clear of the females drivers ..eek..but true! Of course if you balik kampung, stay clear of the cows..but the most feared ones arent taxis but motorbikes.

Reader Wil said...

Here in the Netherlands the roads are over crowded and there are trafficjams everywhere in the country in the morning and in the afternoon when everybody is going home. In New Zealand and Australia the roads are almost empty! Thanks for your visit. The history of London Bridge is complicated you can all read it here: http://www.rhymes.org.uk/london-bridge-is-falling-down.htm

Ed said...

Nice to see other good drivers in other countries, I myself do the same thing and move over for cars and trucks on the shoulder of the road, too bad I can't say the same for most car drivers that speed by within a few feet of folks trying to change tires or other things..

Bitsa Lit said...

The drivers in Canada as a whole are supposed to be pretty good but in the Maritimes, where I am from, its a mad dash all the time. Nobody here knows how to drive right unless they have taken training, and then they spend most of their time cursing out other idiot drivers. At the end of the day...all you can do is laugh.

Truck drivers are right nice here though...always let you pass.