Monday, April 13, 2009

Winter flus

Some students in my school spend their morning tea and lunch time skateboarding. Kids, they don't feel the cold weather.

Seen zipping through the Western Springs park, was this shirtless and shoeless man on his skateboard, oblivious to the cold and wet autumn weather.

Whereas heeding my grandma's advice," Come in an put on something warm!" I still caught this winter flu despite my influenza vaccination.

According to medical information, the virus strains for this year are
  • A/Brisbane/59/2007 (H1N1)-like virus
  • A/Brisbane/10/2007 (H3N2)-like virus
  • B/Florida/4/2006-like virus
  • and my Chinese doctor says it is the Hong Kong flu.

    May be I already had caught the Hong Kong flu before I had the vaccination.


    Unknown said...

    ..and how cold is cold Ann? Over at your place? I guess when one is having too much fun, they don't feel that for me, I dont think I can survive long in cold weather. To be in Genting at night and I am already asked about the camera, it's a Sony Cybershot, very handy and I did thought about upgrading to a DSLR but liked the idea of zipping the current camera in and out of my pocket, esp on times when one is not supposed to take pictures haha :D You asked on one previous post what was that green close up, it was a the lotus pod actually..sorry for the late reply ;p

    Baruch said...

    Beats me how kids never feel the cold! And Ann, I don't go out every weekend and when we do I take enough photos to last me a life time :). Also, I do have heaps of stock photos taken over a period of 4 years from which I can choose.

    Anonymous said...

    Ahhh Winters...

    We are in the beginning of an already blazing summer & I will give anything for a little respite from the heat :(

    Annie in Austin said...

    Sorry you caught the flu, Ann - even after taking precautions against it.

    The shirtless skateborder reminds me of how lightly clothed the runners are in marathons...they're fine even in cool weather, but the spectators who stand in the cold to watch frequently get sick!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    (PS In answer to your question, Leonard Cohen's live concert was wonderful, simply wonderful!)

    Fernanda Ferreira - Ná said...

    Dear Mara,
    Long time no hearing...
    Over here is spring, the weather has been too changeable, we have had wonderful sunny and warm days and now all of the sudden it looks like winter is back.
    It's really dreadful; hopefully it won't take too long.
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

    Hi fernanda,

    I tried to post comments on your site, but have trouble at getting the choose your profile. So I post it here.

    AH!!!!!!! The poor turtle. How did it survive?

    I am very environmental conscious and dislike the plastic waste swept on the beach.