Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Zealand: Clean and Green

A friend said her son is coming back to live in New Zealand after being away in Sydney, Australia for about ten years. Why? asked a visitor from the same city. It's the green, he is missing.

Indeed, New Zealand is so green according to my sisters who visit from Australia. Rose says the green is soothing to the eyes.We who live here tend to take this place for granted sometimes.

I have been revolutionised by the green revolution, simply love this place. In Singapore, I take friends, not to the shopping malls, but to places less travel by. Here too, I take them to see green. We try to replant.

My cousin H is a forester, replanting for commercial purposes in Whakatane and Blenheim. My friend Ngarimu replants for environmental reasons. I promised him, next time he plants, I will be there.

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amuse me said...

Yes, the green is very soothing and we, here in Michigan, get to enjoy lots of it in the spring. Everything is greening up very quickly with rains and warm weather. Finally . . .