Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flathead fish

Dear Aunty Ann,

Lincoln, Olivia and I went fishing. We were lucky and caught a big flathead next to the Southport Sundale bridge.

Next time, you come to South Port, I will take you there. This place is under the bridge between Southport and Surfers Paradise. They have done up very nicely under the bridge now. It is all clean and have timber broadwalk thru the broadwater now.

Last time, I took Uncle Kalang to The Spit. That was in the open ocean.

Mum threw away the head and we ate the body. Mum made some sashimi and some cooked in Thai massaman curry. It was very nice.

 Uncle Charles says it looks good cooking with curry and sour tomatoes.

You can see how big the head is compared to another fish.



A flathead is one of a number of small to medium fish species with notably flat heads, distributed in membership across various genera of the family Platycephalidae. Many species are found in the Indo-Pacific, especially most parts of Australia where they are popular sport and table fish. They inhabit estuaries and the open ocean.


aurbie said...

Another lucky boy. I admire kids who can catch fish.

I think there is a bit of talent that you have to have to catch fish, not to mention patience. I have patience, but no talent. But I get little exercise from throwing the line in the water.

Bitsa Lit said...

that thing is HUGE!!! I love fish and fishing and eating them but the one part that I hate is...taking the thing off the hook! I can cast, catch and bring it in but I hate taking it off the hook.

I have never had a flathead experience I should try some day!

Reggie Girl said...

What an awesome picture and letter Ann!! That fish is almost as big as your nephew girl!!
My Prince LOVES Thai massaman curry. Me? Eh, not so much so we go to our local Thai resturant....
I'm not the best curry chef ;)

Steady On
Reggie Girl