Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kiteboarding at Orewa, New Zealand.

If you follow my blogs, you would know that New Zealand is a great place for out door sports. Yesterday, I was north of Auckland at Orewa, known for retirement homes and beautiful surfs. I don't know if the retirees are involved such extreme sports of wind, waves and surfs.
In the very cold breeze, I quickly went out to take my photos and then recluse myself in the car challenging my brain a mathematical game of Sudoku while the water engineer when to investigate his beach with another friend. You will like my photos of a new sports. Kiteboarding. I admire these sportsmen and women in their wetsuits oblivious to the cold. I thought of Jean batten when I saw the surfer. I guess if Jean is alive today, she too would be at the Orewa beach.
Kiteboarding, a synergy of wind and water forces, takes harnessing the wind to the extreme! Kiteboarding is the ultimate fusion of kiteflying(power kites), wakeboarding, and snowboarding. This fascinating combination realizes mans eternal dream of flying. Once you experience the rush of kiteboarding, you will never be the same! Kiteboarding is the hottest new kite sport to sweep the world and it thrives on pure adrenaline!


dinzie said...

looks a lot of fun :O)


amuse me said...

That looks like a lot of fun. But it did make me shiver!

Bitsa Lit said...

so cool! Ad one to the to do list!

Bitsa Lit said...

lol! I had commented just before you commented on mine lol! Thanks for thinking of me with this post! I do love the idea of kiteboarding!
The model in the picture was getting a spray tan sort of thing which usually makes people orange for a few days. I would look like a giant pumpkin!
I do have very white skin and some people really love the look as you said but it can be such a pain because of the burns. I would love to have darker skin just to get rid of the need for horrible amounts of Aloe Vera every summer!

Unknown said...

That must be some strong wind to be able to kiteboard..very interesting :P

WildBlack said...

Thanks Ann. Glad you like all the pics. You've some nice shots in here too. I actually ventured into the sea for those close up shots! I'm also an amateur.. :D but I will take it as a compliment! thanks.
Have alook at my sunday stills