Monday, April 27, 2009

Wash your hands

I was at a wash room of a medical facility when I saw this sign above the sink today.

I thought how appropriate with the swine flu pandemic. When the SARS was around, I was in Singapore, where there were deaths and schools were closed. Children were taught how to wash their hands.

New Zealand is very far away from Mexico and USA, but we are not free from this scary situation. Nine students and one teacher in the 25-strong party from Rangitoto school which arrived back in Auckland on Saturday morning after three weeks in Mexico have tested positive for influenza A.

We are told to be cautious and wash our hands.


Unknown said...

Yes, to hand washing please...I have to force the children to do that all the time at home, but I do know they never do at school. Happy week Ann....hugs/M

Ed said...

I've always washed my hands being on the road alot. This is spreading like wildfire, kinda scary.
Take care...Ed