Thursday, April 23, 2009

Papua New Guinea: Misty Mountains


This is what the water engineer saw from the helicopter.

The misty mountains reminded me of what had happened to one of my primary school classmates, L. He was in his 40s when he set out to climb Mt Kinabalu, the highest mountain 13,435 feet (4095 meters) above sea level. in South East Asia, located in sabah, Borneo.

Apparently there was a white out when the clouds came down and blanketed the mountain. When it cleared, the front party thought he was with the party at the back and vice versa. When they all got together, he was no where to be seen. He must have fallen down a cliff when he couldn't see anything. I think it was similar to the Mt Erabus Tragedy where an Air New Zealand plane crashed in Antartica..

I prayed for journey mercies before the water engineer flew off. I never felt stressful before his many overseas trip. This was one I was stressed out. Perhaps it was because he was heading to the bush in the mountains.

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