Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My world Tuesday: Dry trees
On Boxing day, I went to the Hillsborough beach and walked in the bush. I saw how dry some of the trees were and wonder if they had died. I said to myself, I hope no idiot will light a match.

A few days later, in another part of our Island, couple of idiots deliberately lit a fire and burn a lot of bush. Seven pumps, three tankers, a helicopter and a number of other specialist fire appliances attended the blaze which was burning on about six hectares of land, Mr Tollison said.

The fire had now been contained and the helicopter and a number of fire appliances had been stood down, he said.

The fire was earlier described as "rapidly growing" and was threatening a number of buildings in the area.

Around 25 firefighters remained on the scene to dampen down the blaze and check for hotspots.


wenn said...

such a risk..

Ginny Hartzler said...

Was the one who started the fire arrested? Was it illegal to burn stuff with so many dry trees? We have this problem a lot, and every year have forest fires and mountain fires.

Al said...

Very nice photos. It is funny that we both posted on wildfires this week!

There's usually enough snow on the ground and the weather is cold enough that wildfires in winter are very unusual here. But this year there have been a couple of small ones locally.

Jama said...

When the weather get too hot here, we do get small bush fire which keep the firemen busy. But thankfully we never have them too big or unmanageable , perhaps because we don't have big forested area.

Eden said...

that is so sad to know that there are people who deliberately lit fire. I hope they get arrested. Your photos are beautiful.

Happy New Year