Monday, January 10, 2011

Save our world: Don't spread ashes without pemit

Sorry, this is a graphic or morbid discussion.

Here the children are having fun swimming and jumping off the pier. But look at the sign? Do you think what I think?

May be it is just me, the ashes I am thinking are human ashes. Some people after cremating their loved ones spread their ashes to places they like. Some in open field, some in the sea, on the beach, often without permission. Such are known in the funeral industry as a "wildcat scattering."

I was told in Malaysia a few years ago, they wanted to ban such practices because the remains are not fully burnt ashes but pieces of bones. Some are quite big pieces. Those caught performing the ceremony anywhere else in Port Dickson besides the temple will be slapped with a RM250 compound. It has become a political issue. The Muslims do not cremate, but the Hindus do. Some even say it is racism.

My friend who went to India saw barely cremated corpses floating down the Ganges river. There, the fire wood is scarce, and people have a symbolic cremation; then they dump the remains in the river.

Perhaps it is meant for ashes from the fire place.

Either way, the poor kids swim in it.

Where I lived at the university in Singapore, there is a Garden of Remembrance, I went to check it out because I was interested in flowers. I found it belonged to a crematorium, and it housed urns of ashes. Loved ones could go to visit. This I think is a better way than scattering anywhere one wishes.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh, goodness, quite a few people must have been doing it or they wouldn't have needed the sign. But maybe if the departed one's wish was to be scattered here, then nothing will stop them?

Karin said...

That is really something that needs to be addressed but it looks like it can't really be policed as people don't comply. Unfortunately!

Suburban Girl said...

Oh dear...definitely not of people will be swimming there!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! This is something which I have never considered.

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