Friday, September 16, 2011

FSO: T for Tower

A disused old brick chinmey that was the incinerator of Auckland's rubbish.
A church near to the University of Auckland at Symonds Street,
These are some of the towers in central Auckland. The most famous is the Sky tower.


Kim, USA said...

When I see towers it made me feel scared of heights but if I am already up there I feel so good ^_^ Happy weekend Ann.


Ginny Hartzler said...

These towers are wonderful! I especially like that beautiful church and the sky tower. It reminds me of the Space Needle in Washington state. What is the purpose of it?

Pauline said...

Great towers, Ann. Like your shot of the Sky Tower.

Unknown said...

the last tower looks like a fun ride up to the top. have you been up in it?

Jama said...

Good collection of tower shots but my favorite is always the church. Some designs are so intricately beautiful.

btw, those threads are the newly addition, so they are still neat, until they are dumped into the sewing box, and get messed up a bit! lol

DawnTreader said...

I like the brick chimney... Always nice when they can make new use for something old that's already there.

As for Zorbs but I have no idea if we have another name for it here. I've never seen one before. I doubt we invented them. If the Kiwis claim to, I'm not going to dispute it! ;)