Monday, October 10, 2011

Save the world, save our women.

This month, I wear my pin to make a difference to support awareness for breast cancer.

I used to wear these two bands and were asked a lot of questions of I had breast cancer. By wearing two, it attracts more attention than just one.
Do you know the signs and symptoms that might indicate breast cancer? While personal and family histories of breast cancer and lifestyle habits (including diet, exercise and how you handle stress) can all affect breast-cancer risk, learning to recognize the signs of breast cancer may save your life - early diagnosis is key to treatment and recovery. Performing a monthly self-examination is still recommended by many health professionals, as is having a yearly exam performed by your doctor. In addition, the National Cancer Institute suggests keeping an eye out for the following signs:
A lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm area
A change in the size or shape of the breast
Nipple discharge or tenderness
An inverted nipple
Ridges or pitting on the breast (resembling an orange peel)
A change in the look or feel of the breast, areola or nipple (such as temperature, swelling, redness or a scaly feel)

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, see your doctor for a diagnosis and possible treatment. If you are over 40, talk to your doctor about mammograms.

During this year's Waitangi day, I met some lovely ladies who were out in their tent promoting this cause. It was a very hot day, Miriam, Andrea and Elisabeth were there the whole day like me doing their educating.

Gillette Venus is partnering with the National New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and is launching the popular Embrace razor in pink to help women get closer to the cause.

There is an easy way you can help raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation:
Get new Embrace® in pink or any specially marked Venus razor and we will donate 50c from every razor sold to the National New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.
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Last August I did this post

I am very passionate about this topic. Thirty one years ago, I found a little pea sized lump in my left breast. I did not panic because I didn't realise the implications. The doctor just said," I will send you to the hospital to check it out." At the hospital, the junior doctor just said," We will do a little biopsy."

At the ward before I had the procedure, elderly women came and hugged me and cried, saying," we are sorry for you." I was still very innocent telling them I was in for a biopsy." Fortunately, I was in only for a biopsy.

Six years later, I had another cyst. This time, the doctor and the counsellor talked a lot of consequences if it was malignant and if I wanted to remove the breast if it was. That was really scary. Thank God when I woke up, I still have my breast.

I have a two inch scar to show for the battle I underwent. It is better to have the scar than to have the disease. I know a young woman E who is bereaved twice with the same terrible Campomelic Displasia that robbed me my late son Andrew. Now she has recovered from breast cancer.

CaringBridge provides free websites that connect people experiencing a significant health challenge to family and friends, making each health journey easier. It takes just a few moments to create a personal and private CaringBridge website.

I want to add that breast cancer affects men as well.


Ensurai said...

Dear Ann
I lost my mother in law to BC. and for a long time the family could not say the C word. My second uncle's eldest daughter E. left this world at the age of 29..leaving behind one daughter. E would have been around 74 now!! Three of my aunts had some "partial removals" but survived.
Mrs. Wiltshire is the best example of a brave woman who had a breast removed and survived BC for the last 30 years. She had the surgery done in Singapore!! She remains my role model in life....

Unknown said...

A very good article Ann.I know about it and should do more self check up often.

Marilyn said...

Ann, what an experience you had, it truly is a blessing you went through that and came out fine and healthy. Its such a scary process to even imagine having to go through.. Wow.. Thank YOU so much for joining in today, its such a special day and it means so much to me to have you take a minute and Go Pink for such a wonderful cause.. YOU REMAIN AWESOME always.. thanks again.. xoxox.. Marilyn..Wishing you an amazing weekend.. : ))