Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunday Stills: Vanishing points

Sunday Stills-Vanishing Points-October 9th, 2011
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I’ve been thinking of this challenge for a while…..too bad I waited until Saturday to get some pictures for an example. We’ve had horrendous hot winds most of the week and then yesterday it clouded over (although the wind is still howling) and it’s almost too dull for any sort of pictures.
Vanishing points are just another way of taking pictures with perspective in mind. It’s all a part of composition…..they can create balance or lead your eye to something in the distance. You can maximize the effect if you use a wider angle to get your point across and using the Landscape Mode on a point and shoot will give a sharper focus. A road with lots of autumn color or a creek or river that leads off into the distance would be great subjects for this challenge…… I had neither close by Really watch what angle you take the pictures from….it makes a world of difference as you can see by my bad examples.
A barb wire fence across the road from our buildings, my focus should be on the WHOLE fence not just the first few posts;

Hi Ed,

Not too sure about this. Ann


Linda said...

You did well, especially the last photo.

Achieve1dream said...

Those are nice. Wow that maze of slides could make you dizzy lol.

Ebie said...

Hi Ann, your photos represented the theme! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Well done. It is difficult to do vanishing points well... I like the bridge shot!