Monday, October 24, 2011

Save the world:Stop fleas with natural methods

We have an infestation of fleas. All three of us have been bitten by fleas.

The first question friends ask is, " Do you have a cat or a dog?"

We don't have pets, but every so often, we get bitten by fleas. When we get bitten, we get bitten so badly. It is itchy, it is pinful and gives the chills. We don't want to use chemicals or flea bombs as they are toxic.

I googled for a natural herb, and found out about Pennyroyal. I went to my local garden centre and I bought two plants .

It didn't repel the fleas, but they look and smell lovely. Pennyroyal leaves, both fresh and dried, are especially noted for repelling insects.[4] However, when treating infestations such as fleas, using the plant's essential oil should be avoided due to its toxicity to both humans and animals, even at extremely low levels.[6]

Does anyone know a herb that will repel fleas?
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Marja said...

Thanks for the tip and I hope you get rid of these nasty littlies soon

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I don't know if it work. Are there fleas in Chch? My husband lived there for one year, and wasn't bitten there.

Did you go and celebrate with the All Blacks?

Unknown said...

I tak tahu this herb but should smells good? we dont have much fleas here, but then we dont have any pets...except my 2 parakeet..which I am just about to either open the door so they fly free or send them back to my mom. Noisiest birds ever. 2morow public holiday...deepavali...:) hope you are having a good week ahead..and any public holiday is a good day here yay!!

Unknown said...

Oooooh ... nasty fleas! I'm putting the word out tomorrow on Change The World Wednesday ... hopefully someone will have an idea. "See" you then! :-)