Friday, October 19, 2012

FSO: Steam, Smoke or Fire

For my take, this is a very New Zealand show. You do get it in USA, but here, the geothermal activity is still quite active. Once upon a time, there must be a lot of fire activity in the ground.

The Maori Goddess of fire is MahuikaMafuie is the Samoa goddess of earthquake god. Both stories tell of how man got fire. Zhu Rong AKA Li or Chu-jung is the Chinese god of fire and ruler of southern hemisphere. In Roman mythology, Vulcan is the god of fire. Fire is obviously a very important element to many people.

In New Zealand, our natives, the Maoris have adapted their version of volcano cooking called the Hangi.

I was teaching my ESOL adult students what a Hangi is.
I was pleasantly surprised that In South America, they also cook food in a similar way. In Peru, Felecites tells me they call it Pachamanca, and in Chile, Monica says they call it Curanto. My Samoa students call it Umu.
In my other blog,, I wrote about Hangis and my book, Mail order Bride., and short story, Nadine in various posts, but I didn't have a closeup photo. Here I am fortunate that Ngarimu's cousin invited me to take as many photos as I wanted.
Here are pix of the hot pit.

Steam, Smoke or Fire Be as creative as you like!

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Reader Wil said...

Interesting Ann, but how do the Maoris do this. Do they put the food in the volcano in the crater?
Thanks for your visit . You asked what would have happened if the Dutch had been in New Zealand instead of the British. Well no tulips , that's certain and probably no sheep either. What the Dutch did in other colonies, like
Indonesia, Suriname and the ABC islands, I don't know, but I guess they had plantations everywhere. And maybe cattle.
Well we'll never know.

Jama said...

Interesting facts!

Pauline said...

I went with the thermal theme, too. Luckily we chose different places. Good idea to focus on the hangi!

Barb said...

Using a hangi for the theme is an excellent idea! Smoke, steam, and, best of all, food!

DawnTreader said...

What an excellent post for the theme!