Saturday, October 27, 2012

Volunteer life surf guards.

A beautiful rose that is colour co-ordinated with their uniform. I just took the photo half an hour ago.

 Grace from St Mary's school and Sophie from Western Spring's college.

 It's hard work asking people to buy their calender. I didn't see anyone buying.
 When you are at the beach, and see these equipment, that men and women like Grace and Sophie who have been busy trying to raise funds.

 Here is the rose bush, dedicated to all the life surf savers. Ka Pai and Pako Paki.

This weekend flower is an orangy yellow rose. I am dedicating this to the wonderful people who are volunteers of the Piha Surf Life Saving Club. Especially to Sophie and Grace who instead of enjoying the sun, sand and surf, they were at Pt Chevalier Mall trying very hard to get people to buy their calender. I asked them if I could do a blog of them as I appreciate their hard work. They are the heros that we so often that for granted.
Piha is a very dangerous beach and it is made worse when people don't swim in between the flags and do stupid things. I am watching Piha Rescue on TV and often my heart is in my mouth. I work with a friend who gives up her weekend at the beach. She tells me sometimes there are silly people who go during the off season when there is nobody and jump into the beach fully clothes.
I remember once upon a time, I almost drowned at Piha when a rip current carried me out to the sea. Since then, I don't go to the sea even though the beach is 5 minutes from my house.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Raising fund is a sweet adventure especially for youth. Learning to deal with people is the THING.... Fund then become secondary....

HansHB said...

Nice colour on your rose! Great post!

Nancy said...

I hope these girls have some luck raising money for this great cause.

Beautiful rose!

Cheryl said...

Selling is so difficult, even when the funds are for such a good cause.

Thanks for sharing with YSB this week.

Unknown said...

The rose is gorgeous!