Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sundays Stills, – What Inspires You?

 A friendly fireman who gave me permission to take his photo.
 Giant garage sale to raise funds for children in parts of Africa at Mt Albert Baptist Church.
 Katherine lost her baby, but used her lost to start Emily Corner, to have books for every library in New Zealand.

 We raised fund for the Deaf Children in Kenya. These ladies inspired me to work for 16 years.

My late baby Andrew's never worn booties, 

inspire me to help bereaved parents and knit blankets for babies in intensive care.

Today I gave my book to a friend whose baby died yesterday, 
A bereaved Aunt told me she was looking for my book to give to her bereaved sister.
This is what inspires me that I wrote a book that has been helpful.

Sundays Stills, The Next Challenge – What Inspires You?

Why do you take photographs? 

 Let your pictures this week speak for you. 

No  long commentaries for this week,

 I will however give a short explanation for some. 

These are just a few that mould me to be what I am.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Ann, I am sure you are an inspiration to those bereaved mothers:)

Anonymous said...

so sad about the babies :( lovely post ann x

Anonymous said...

your post is itself inspiring us, thanks Ann. :)

Nivin Kadar said...

Really sad about the babies :(
Very inspiring post :)