Thursday, April 16, 2015

Alphabe-Thursday letter W for Work.CK 发型美髮沙龍.

 My hairstylist, Jacky Zhang and his sister Wendy.

My dad used to tell us, of all the work that people do,
Hairdressing is regarded as very hard work.
He said, any Work that required the worker to stand,
while his client sits is hard work.  
My hairdressers are a sister-brother pair,
and I am glad that they are business people
 with a heart. They support the leprosy mission.
 They have a charity box.  
I have been to Jacky for many years, and is very happy with his work. Even though I have moved far away, I go back to him. 

CK 发型美髮沙龍

615 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph; 09  630 6118.
Mob: 021888906. 
Letter W reminds me of Very Very Hard work
When I finished my first  degree in Canada,
I went home for my Vacation.
I was planning to continue my studies in New Zealand.
My aunty who had a salon persuaded me to learn to be a
 shampoo girl.
She said, it wasn't for a vocation,
just a job during my vacation.
Boy! was it very very hard work.
Some people voiced their displeasure.
Some came they haven't shampooed,
 for a very very long time,
Their hair was very very smelly. 
My Dad was right, hairdressing is hard Work.





Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Oh dear! I wouldn't think that shampooing hair would be so stressful, but I can imagine that stinky hair wouldn't be much fun!

Annesphamily said...

Working in a hair salon is a very stressful life! My sister still keeps up her license but she always took grief from many ladies wanting more than she could provide! I remember when I was young Farrah Fawcett was a model/celebrity with perfect hair. Everyone wanted her look but many did not have the locks she was blessed with. LOL! You shared a great post! Have a good weekend.

Eden House News and views said...

I cant imagine how awful some hair must have been