Friday, April 3, 2015

Save our world: inorganic collection

It is our annual inorganic rubbish collection. Woe what an eyesore. It is a known fact that residents from other councils which do not provide this service bring their trailer loads of rubbish to us.

Auckland City Council provides an annual  inorganic collection free of charge for residents to get rid of large items that would normally not fit in our wheelie bins. This is conceptually a good idea. It also encourages recycling. What is one's rubbish is useful to others.

The city council allows any type of inorganic rubbish that they normally would not collect. So you see old fridges, washing machines, televisions, clothing , toys etc.

When the households put their inorganic rubbish neatly on the grass verge, in no time, scavengers come in vans, truck and take what they can sell or use. This is a good recycling system, except these people have no social conscience.

Hordes of collectors, some traders scour the neighbourhood to pick up what they can recycle. The only thing that is not so good is some of these people have no social conscience, they remove what they want and treat this as a tip, and rubbish is all over the grass area and even on the road, making this a very unsightly area.

When they had done with retrieving what they want, the road is strewed with rubbish as though we had been struck by a tornado.


Anonymous said...

Quite an eyesore, but good that the council will take care of it. Over here, we have to take our inorganic rubbish to the rubbish tip.

Fun60 said...

Some people just have no idea about socially acceptable behaviour. You are fortunate to have such a forward thinking council.

eileeninmd said...

It is an eyesore, but it is good that it will be taken care in the right way..