Sunday, April 12, 2015

Going on a "float"


  I was reminiscing a reunion I attended in 2012, in a school I taught for a brief time
before I went to Canada. 
  • They are planning another reunion and I teased one of the students to drive me and his 2 friends to drive us by sports car from the Capital to the town. 
     I changed my mind about riding in a sports car. We will be sitting on a float . We will be dressed as princesses in this vehicle, Susie Wong, Dora Leong and I in this Float aka flower vehicle, and wave all the way from Kuching to Binatang.

  • My Dad's Education Department did have a float in 1974, the time I was teaching in Kai Chung. The float was designed as a book and had little school children sitting on it.

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