Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ABC Wednesday: letter Q for quilts

Radhi is a good friend and neighbour in Singapore. She is a Datin, it is a title as the wife of Dato Khoo Kay Kim. These titles are honoured to them in Malaysia like the Queen honouring her subjects.

I admire her for her skills in quilting, her artistic flair, and her gardening. Her house appeared in the Malaysian version of Home and Gardens. Her husband is a renowned Malaysian Historian.

This photo was taken when we were still in Singapore. You can tell I was quite young then. It could have been 2000. We were living in identical university apartments. But the similarites end her. Hers was nicely cheorographed. Mine was an apartment with kids.

This post, I had posted before. I want to post it again because it is my story with my grandma. Grandma taught me to make these stars on the quilt.



Reader Wil said...

I admire everybody who can make these beautiful quilts.

A stave church is a church built of wood. It's a typically Norwegian mediaeval building. Before 1350 there were about 800 stave churches. The stave church on the photo is one of the most beautiful stave churches left in Norway.
This one is in Borgund and built before 1250.
There are about 35 of them left. They were built after the Vikings were converted to christianity. They still used the dragonsymbols of their longships in the churches.

ChrisJ said...

I knit and sew, crochet and draw and paint but I have never learned to quilt. So kudos to those who do.

Joy said...

I always find quilt making and its endless patterns fascinating. Beautiful objects.

Beverley Baird said...

What a lovely quilt! Lovely post as well.

Roger Owen Green said...

I agree especially with Wi;'s 1st line!