Friday, May 15, 2015

FSO: Important buildings of your city:

Important buildings of your city





I attended my lectures here.







 Choral Hall where I had my management lecture.

 My husband spent 10 years in the Engineering school, and another 10 years as a part time lecturer.


Law school library. My daughter went to law school. 


In 1978, I enrolled in Auckland University. As an Arts student, I had some lectures at this Old Arts building. In winter, it was freezing like an old castle. But I like this building, as it gives me the feel of the university being old and has a lot of tradition and roots.

Every year, the Arts faculty sends by snail mail an invitation to support the Faculty of Arts Scholarship program with a gift to the Arts Alumni Scholarship Fund.

I met my husband here, and he got a Phd, and is a part time lecturer. Here, I stood in front of the engineering school.

My daughter graduated with a law degree.

This building has a personal importance to me. The university library circulates all my books.



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