Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arlington National Cemetery, Edward Kennedy

We wore green and yellow and encouraged the kids to give a gold coind donation for this lovely artificial daffodil flower.

My brother took photos, and this is the Eternal flame marking JFK.

View of the Capital Hill from Arlington Cemetery.

My brother Henry asked if I would do a post in memory of Edward Kennedy. He sent me some photos he had taken when he visited Arlington Cemetery.

About fifteen years ago, the Water Enginner went to Washington DC for a conference , we went with the girls. One of the places we went was the Arlington Cemetery. I was awed and couldn't help but think of the poor departed buried at Kranji Cemetery in Singapore. I lingered at the Tomb of the Unknowns or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

My fellow American bloggers are more qualified to post about Edward kennedy. So I will leave them to do it.

Today is Happy Daffodils Day in New Zealand. Most of the kids had no idea why we celebrate Daffodils day. I told them while we were having fun wearing yellow and green, buying flowers, tattoos, and face painting. The important thing was about cancer. And why daffodils? because daffodils come out in spring, it means hope.

I told them about Ted Kennedy, they asked if he was a famous movie star or a famous singer. I told them he was a very important person, and he died of cancer. You see, I was teaching them about raising money by selling daffodils to help cancer patients and raise awareness of this horrible disease.

A 5 year old student lost his mum to cancer, a 6 year old girl lost her cousin. We talked about cancer as we made three D cards. Our primary school raised a significant amount of money.

*Henry is an anthropologist living in Sarawak, Borneo.*


Reader Wil said...

Hi Ann, I remember Daffodil Day in Australia. My husband died of cancer,my father and many relatives, then two of my neighbours died of cancer and many people in my village. It's a horrible disease. Thank you for this post. Thanks for visiting. I used to go to concerts, but I don't like going out to Rotterdam at night anymore.

Sara Diana said...

We have daffodils over here for cancer. Incidentally it is one of the National Emblems for my country of Wales. It is a beautiful flower and you are right, it IS a sign of hope x