Friday, August 28, 2009

Change the world: Feed the birds

I have frequently posted that I throw out my unused rice and bread to the birds in my back yard. There are different types of sparrows and native birds. There must be more than 50 sparrows and thirty pigeons and other native birds. They know precisely when I have thrown out the food. I can hear the fluttering of the pigoens' wings as they fly off. I am not exactly a nature lover though I have been involved in many nature activities.

The family aren't keen in this Feed the Bird activity as they often shit on my laundry and on the deck and on our cars. The ungrateful birds fly away when I go to the window to snap a photo of them feeding my food. So I shall have to use a old photo. This is a wax eye or silver eye native bird.

My brother in Australia has a more interesting tale. You may say that my brother and I are peas from the same pod.

As you know I have a very good relationship with the birds in our garden. I throw our kitchen scrapes onto the garden and also collect water from the kitchen sink to water the garden.

This is my effort to help mother earth.

Anyway we get lots of different kinds of birds descending on our garden usually fighting for the scrapes!

I rationalize that the forest gets fertilized from the droppings of birds. So by encouraging the birds to come they get the food and I get their shit.

Anyway this morning I was cooking breakfast and was standing in front of the kitchen window. Suddenly a small butcher bird landed on the window ledge right in front of me. In its beak was a freshly killed mouse.

The bird dropped the mouse on the landing and then kept nodding at me as if to say"
well! Come on take it and cook it with your rice porridge!"


It could have been the tastiest porridge.


Anonymous said...

My husband puts out the bread crumbs too, but he takes them out into the middle of the yard. We have had families of cardinals and finches and meadowlarks.

dinzie said...

I feed the birds here too..we have a large yard so not so affected by the bird poop...We also get the silver eyes as well as sparrows, chaffinches, yellow hammers , gold finches etc...Its fun to see them..


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Ann; you are so funny, sharing a cell my foot! This is an other story related to your bird feeding activity. Feeding can became a nuisance. It is fun to watch them and at the moment I or the vegetable gardener feed two native pigeons. It is a couple and they are used to us now. We do not give them a lot so they still have to look for their own. The mummy bird is sitting, I do not know how many eggs, probably one or two. I am looking forward to see the baby pigeon. Her nest is where we pass many times a day. She just looks at us and she is also talking to her eggs in a soft voice. It is really cute.

RedLan said...

I seldom get closer to any birds back home or around in here. They are aloof to people.

Ruth said...

Your post made me laugh! I feed birds and my husband complains about their droppings on the deck and worst of all, on his truck. None of our birds has brought me a mouse, lol!

Anonymous said...

That's funny to get a live delivery of a mouse from a bird!