Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Emily Chan

I am a very proud aunty. This is Emily Chan, my brother Charles and sis-in-law Karen's baby daughter. Yes, no matter whether you are 22 , or you are 2, you are always your parents' baby, especially if you are the youngest child in the family.

Emily plays the guitar, piano and sings. She writes all her own songs and had recorded her music. Her music style is alternative/indie rock.

Emily is moving to Canada to join a band called Broken Down Suitcase but she will also be performing as a solo artist with her own songs. She will be in Canada until May performing locally and then touring the USA performing for about 4 months with the band.

Way to go! Ka Pai Emily. I am so proud of you. Going from Australia, Down Under to the American Continent is a BIG step. I know, I was there when I was about your age.


Unknown said...

Talented..........and very pretty too :P

Bagman and Butler said...

I wish I was fifteen again! I was so much more talented then!

CY said...

Hope she will make it big and famous. THen u will be a proud aunt! Have a nice weekend.