Saturday, August 1, 2009

A thought for you

This is a New Zealand Flax plant. It grows in the wild, strong and free even in the winter.

I am posting this for Barry and Sara Diana. and gigisxm and all other bloggers who are in this club, the cancer club.

Cancer does not discriminate. My father-in-law had bowel cancer.

I am very lucky, twice I had breast surgeries to remove lumps in my breast. For a long time, I wear these two inches long scar and mis-shapen nipple. It's been so long ago that I have forgotten I have them, though they are still there. I showed them to a friend when she just had her surgery. She was very thankful. If I didn't feel troubled by them, she too would learn to accept hers.

It was exactly thirty years ago when I had the first surgery. I was in this open ward where there were many old White and Maori women. They came and gave me big hugs and said," You poor thing." The lump was non cancerous, they just nicked a little of it. Ten years later, they found another lump, and another surgery.

Today, I visited Sara Diana's site. I am thankful my scars are just scars and nothing more. So many go through more tribulations than me. My thoughts are with you.


NanU said...

Good for you! It can be so hard for people to be at ease with the scars on their bodies; so many see themselves as disfigured, as if they were worth less for it.

Alli said...

When I was a child I had back surgery for scoliosis...My scar begins at the top of my neck to the small of my back...Now I have a scar 14 inches long on my chest from losing my breast to cancer. I remember my mother telling me never to be embarassed because if it were not for these scars we might not be here.
My cousin went to University in Christ's Church..One day I will get to N/Z
Nice blog.


Unknown said...

Hi Ann, I am glad too that your scars are just scars. The big "C" is terrible and I wish there is some sort of better cure in the near future, not just radiation or chemo. Let's have good health..or try too, talking of which durian is not good for the health..but then you don't have it there :D

Gordon said...

Very considerate of you. May God bless all of our members with health problems with a speedy recovery.

SandyCarlson said...

Cancer is a nightmare. You are a good friend! I have lumps and bumps and pain the doctors tell me are the work of my imagination. The hell they put us through!

Jenn said...

I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer 5 years ago bearing scars as well. I see my scar as a reminder that life is short and not yours to keep.

I have been wanting to go to New Zealand. I know that I will eventually find my way there... one day.