Thursday, October 8, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness: Collection

Women, men, teens braved the wind and the rain to stand at road corners and shopping centre entrances to collect funds to raise breast cancer awareness.

I spoke to these three teens, Grace, Devin and Taylor and told them I would post their photos in the internet.

Ka Pai aka Great job to them for this great cause.

Some of you may remember I did a post of how I had two breast surgeries when they found cysts in my breast. Praise God they were benign. I wear my two inch scar as my badge of bravery and pride. When I find out that a woman friend had to undergo such a surgery, I should her my badge. In fact, I am not original. the first woman who did this showed me her flat chest, her breasts were butchered because of cancer. She said," Ann, you will survive like I do."

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Ensurai said...

Thanks for sharing with us the most most intimate of your stories!

You are a brave woman/friend.