Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Cure for Breast Cancer within the next decade


You won't think where I saw this ad, they certainly worked. I was in a toilet cubicle in a local shopping mall when I looked up at the door and read this ad with interest.

$1000 Challenge

Kiwis everywhere are taking part in the Thousand Dollar Challenge. So what will you do to raise at least $1000 for Breast Cancer Research?

You and your family could bake a thousand cupcakes and sell them for $1 each, or you could get your friends together and get sponsored to cycle 1000 kilometres.....

It's time to get into it. We don't care if you do a bake off, or a car wash, it's all in the name of finding a cure within the next decade.

There are many breast cancer suffers and survivors. I think of fellow blogger Sara.

http:// annkschin.blogspot.com/2009/06/breastscreen-aotearoa.html Breast screening are no fun, but a painful necessity.

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Unknown said...

The big C is a scary thing for everyone. Having seen my father lost the battle to cancer and a biz partner undergoing chemo is scary enough for now. Let's all hope for a cure soon.