Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday Stills: Diwali Festival of Lights

The owners of the "Open most hours" dairy.

Photo: courtesy Auckland city Council news.

We celebrated with our Hindu friends this Festival of lights this month.

In Singapore, they call the festival Deepavali. When I was in Singapore, my Hindu friends lit fire works. I always remember a special couple A and D, they gave lots of fireworks to the neighbouring children. Some of my friends invite me and other friends to a sumptious vegetarian meal.

In Auckland, on 10 and 11 October, the Viaduct Harbour and Te Wero Island were full of colour, traditional, authentic music, dance and aroma's of Indian food celebrating Diwali Festival of Lights 2009.

Diwali symbolises the victory of righteousness, the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil and the renewal of life.

It is the time when families light small oil lamps (diyas) and candles and place them around the home and set off fireworks.

The event celebrates not only traditions of Diwali, but Indian culture as a whole.

Last weekend, many dairies run by Indian owners celebrated with our New Zealand Tip Top Icecream, the coming of summer with $1 a scoop of ice cream. There was a beeline to this special offer. The owners were very happy for me to take their photos.

Traditionally, the dairies or corner shops operate long hours and are owned by Indians.


Reader Wil said...

Thanks for this interesting post. As far as I understand Diwali Festival is a combination of the Birth of Christ or the coming of the Light and our New Year's Eve with fireworks. It looks lovely and very inspiring.
Thanks for the comment. We don't leave our shoes outside the house, only clogs, but we don't wear them either any more.The clogs under the bench are only symbolic and not used any more. Only farmers use them.

Anonymous said...

Ann what an interesting post. I am so happy to have you for a blogging friends. I so want to know other cultures and this is such a wonderful way. Your pictures are great and your narration is top notch. I loved your Friday shoot out too. Blessings

wenn said...


Barry said...

We have a large Sri Lankan population in our area of Toronto and Diwali is widely celebrated here. It is a beautiful festival.

Lee said...

Hi Ann, I sure miss visiting my Indian friends back in the old country. Love their sweets and candies, not to mention the kurmas, rotis and curries.
You have a scary halloween, best regards, Lee.