Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kiwi Ugliness and Hospitality and Kindness

Yesterday, the Television New Zealand reported the ugliness of some rotten apples of New Zealand society. Some idiot stole a $3000 van belonging to two nineteen year old students from Germany. They had finished their three months' English course and bought their van for their Kiwi experience.

Isabel Egerland and Nora spent $1800 on a Mitsubishi Bongo van and then spent another $1200 getting it road worthy before it was stolen outside their homestay's house on Tuesday. It was stolen even before they got their insurance.

Now broke, they would have to head back to Berlin.

Many New Zealanders responded to their plight. Many offered cash, free long stay in their camping grounds and free use of camper vans.

Yes, there are rotten apples every where. But there are kind people too. Isabel and Nora will have something good to write home about. I am proud of my adopted country.


Tammie Lee said...

This is indeed a wonderful story! I feel deeply touched and hope that more people hear of this and feel inspired to care for others in a similar way, thank you for sharing this!

Lee said...

Hi Ann, I guess in every basket of apples there will be bad ones, and as well with worms too.
Here too we have them...
These are people with no brains, no conscience, no hope.
I sometimes wish we here the law will adopt Singapore or Malaysia's kind of punishment...
give the rattan to them.

My old days, working with contractors, part time, full time ones, some I know also part time gangsters...I met a couple of these guys....they have looks that can make a baby cry, real touch characters....but, their behaviour like choir boys. day they showed me their Pudu jail souvenirs....each had several marked for life stripes on the backs.
They got whipped for what they did.
That always remind them to behave as well giving them nightmares at night too.

Hey Ann, you mentioned about singing the song, 'Rose Rose, I love you'....
here's a recipie for you. A very old Nyonya recipie...
and its called 'Rose Rose I love you' pudding.
My compliments.
Should you make it, send me a telegram, I'll come for coffee, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Rose, Rose, I Love You Pudding
Type of Dish Dessert

Cooking Method Boil .
50g agar-agar strips
3 screwpine leaves (pandan leaves)
1,000ml water
1 cup plain milk
75g sago, soaked and drained
1 egg white, beaten till stiff
Red and green colouring, for roses and leaves

Cut up the agar-agar strips, wash, then soak in water for about 10 minutes. Bring water to the boil with the screwpine leaves.

Add the agar-agar and cook till dissolved. Put in sugar and bring to the boil. Remove half cup of agar-agar solution. Add colouring and pour into rose-and-leaves portion of the mould.

Add sago to the rest of the agar-agar and cook till transparent. Remove from heat, add in milk and stir in the beaten egg white.
Use a whisk to beat well. Pour over set roses and leaves. Leave aside then chill well in the fridge.

'Flower of Malaya....I cannot stay'.....Lee.