Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bank Of New Zealand, BNZ giving back to the community

Our ministries pastor Arthur Warner up on top of the mini scaffolding.

Instead of counting money, Raymond is clearing an over grown bush.

Eddy and Nigel becoming arborists for the day.

Busy men and women giving us a new coat of paint.

Today, at the Mt Albert Baptist church, we had some unusual workers. We had some bankers painting, gardening, and weeding. BNZ branches closed around the country as 3500 staff carry out volunteer work for community projects.

The "Closed for Good" initiative meant 177 store closures so bank staff can lend a hand to community groups including the Salvation Army, the Auckland Deaf Society and SPCA.

In my church, 15 men and women worked very hard, and I got to know three handsome men, Eddy, Nigel and Raymond as they cleared our garden. Some of our church people worked along side with them. Our Ministries Pastor Arthur Warner was up a mini scaffolding. I joked with him asking if he now worked in the bank.

This is really great for the bank and their staff. Ka Pai aka great job, and paki-paki (Clap)

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