Monday, November 16, 2009

My world Tuesday:Lion Safari.

We used to have a lion safari in Auckland, but not anymore.

There is the Zion Wildlife Gardens, situated 20 minutes north of Whangarei, in the North Island of New Zealand. In May this year, senior keeper Dalu Mncube mauled to death.

People are wondering the wisdom in keeping such big cats in captivity. Some even went to the extent of banning all zoos. Of course, I would not go this far. It is different watching a video. Many zoos are quite humane. The Singapore Zoo is really good.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great picture.

I also wonder about the right thing to do about zoos. Abolishing them doesn't seem quite the thing to do. I am selfish but I love looking at the animals.

Jama said...

Singapore zoo's white tiger mauled a Malaysian cleaner to death about a year ago, a few years earlier an elephant keeper was seriously gored, but both are still at the same zoo till now. Zoo has always been my most favorite place to visit!

Reader Wil said...

Nice post about your zoo!
Banning all zoos? No please let's have them. We have a couple of beautiful zoos in my country, where the wild animals have a large piece of ground to walk about with bushes, rocks and sand. We also have safari parks with lions, giraffes and other wildlife, but all separated.

Joe Todd said...

I think we should have zoos. Great place to take grandchildren.

Lee said...

Hi Ann, I love animals, but frankly don't appreciate them being caged. Prefer see them in the wilds.
One reason I never kept birds.
We too recently had a guy mauled by a tiger. Both had one drink too many, and sneaked into the zoo at night.

What made them open and get into the tiger's enclosure, only they know.
Well the result was obvious, one got mauled half dead.
Security I believe saved him in time.

You have fun...and by the way, my father was a nobody, me too, ha ha, Lee.

Unknown said...

I havent been to the one in Singapore..but was told it was good, even the night safari..ours one, you know better lah.

Thérèse said...

Zoos should be a haven for animals nothing else, but I presume children need to see with their own eyes what a girafe looks like :-)
Thks for visiting Chandler a to z.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

When I was a kid, the place on the top of my list to go was the Zoo. In Sarawak, there was NO Zoo. I was twenty, when I saw my first zoo in Singapore. I was delighted to see the animals.

No, as I mention in my post, I would not advocate for closures of zoo, Zoos have their rightful place, It is different watching it on TV or on the computer. You have to see the animals to marvel.

Nowadays, like the Auckland zoo, it is a teaching zoo, it teaches conservation. My school takes children to the zoo.

My school is closely involved with the Zoo, the children plant the vegetables to feed the meal worms and which in turn are sent to feed the birds in the zoo.

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