Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beautiful shoes, Ugly people.

This morning, my brother Charles sent an email to all in the family. It inspired me to do this post.

Beautiful shoes, Ugly people.

Here's the email:

Last Friday night K and her girl friend T were walking towards a taxi stand in Surfers Paradise, in the Gold Coast when suddenly 3 immigrant girls walked up to K and grabbed her by her hair and flunk her down onto the ground and pushed her face into the dirt and then made off with her precious shoes!!

It happened very quickly and T didn't have time to react. She did nothing!

All T could do was marvel "what the..!"

K scolded T "what kind of friend are you!"

K suffered a bit of bruising to her elbows and knees and of course her dignity more then anything else!

I replied jokingly, "T should have said," YEEE YAAA" I am a Kung Fu expert."

My sister Helen said," Scary, lucky K and friend are not hurt.

Charles replied, "It was just her dignity that was mostly hurt! We thought it was funny; people stealing your shoes right under you! "

This is no funny matter, it was so stupid and audacious of these immigrant girls.

People often resent immigrants and I think to avoid stereo typing of a certain race, people should go all out to behave themselves. Otherwise they give the people a bad name. I tell my students who are immigrant children that they should show the others that they are not stupid or bad.

What is a pair of beautiful shoes? My niece K could have been hurt or they themselves could have been hurt if T was really an Kung Fu or Karate expert.

The black shoes are mine, then I decided they are not beautiful so I borrowed my friend A's shoes. They are more likely to be what K would wear.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is a sad, sad, story. To think that someone would take another person's shoes. The whole world is going crazy, I think.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the night scene in Surfers Paradise for the girls is very competitive nightlife and they dress up and they eye each other with jealousy and eventually ending up in a brawl, scratching, kicking and punching and the male companions egging them on!!

Ensurai said...

It is so sad nowadays...we started off with Stone Age people grabbing food from each other....then we fought each other for land and territory...
and then women fought each other for men...
now...we have reduced ourselves to fighting for shoes...

What next?

(Remember we fought in friendly basketball matches for balls....hehehehe)