Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My world Tuesday: Shasha, an AustralianAboriginal Chant

These are their pipes called didgeridoo, or yirdaki

When I went to Australia last summer, I learned a very useful thing. I learned from the Indigenous people, the Aboriginals this chant and dance. I adapted it and use it to teach my little students. They love it. My Indian student says it like Bollywood.

They now know what is left, and what is right.

You may like to do it to.

Shasha, Shasha,
Shasha to the left,
Shasha to the right,

Shasha, Shasha,
Shasha to the side,

Shasha, Shasha,
Shasha to the top,
Shasha to the bottom,

(Jump as you get up)


Reader Wil said...

That's lovely, Ann! I saw many Aboriginal people from Hopevale, the Aboriginal compound, where my daughter's in-laws live. I have often been there and stayed there for more than a week. And the didgeridu that I bought from Roy McIver is great, only I cannot play it.
Thanks for sharing this and your comment. I don't know if flowers are more expensive now. That ashcloud causes a lot of trouble. I hope my daughter can come next month.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...


Ah Ngao said...

i ever saw some young chaps playing these didgeridoo in Kuala Lumpur - street busking actually.amzing indeed the sound produced by the resonance of the wind and inner hollow space of the wood.BUT....their saliva was all over the floor.
Ai yo...!! it's my own luck (as mentioned by aunty Glennis),if your comp didn't crash,your winning 4D tips should have reached me and i be laughing all the way to the Maybank * sigh...* - next round probably.'re very true,my sisters doing pretty well ,...just me doing "too well" ,hahaha! simply just becoz i loves to gamble on those stuffs and i'm quite lazy too. my eldest sis is doing very well(Australia/New Zealand looking after her cucus).younno, what my brother said about me ? he said it's like my father( hardcored king of gambler) handed down "A Book" to me, ...younno.anyway,'s my life and everybody's lives is special and just "uniques" in their own ways.
you mentioned about your "old ape"(not that old from one pic i saw - handsome and hunky in fact) don't smoke - that's good news. i never like the smell of cigarette's smoke but i loves the smell of cigars - full of romances .nah....lately i did'n "harvest" anything much from 4Ds - jus t some peanuts only - enough to make me more depressed .
oh yeah,i been to Ah Ka Su restaurant.i like the rough and coarse salt chicken - yummy.

Unknown said...

How interesting Ann..I would love to go there and see it myself. Of course, I'll cart some durians for you. We are going to Cameron Highlands tomorrow for some cool weather. Happy weekend /hugs...M

Dave said...

Thanks for the Aboriginal dance lesson Ann! I have never seen this in reality, but some on TV. - Dave