Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunday Stills: Controls

This gadget controls much of my life, it has power sockets for my lights, and computer, and the source of our wireless internet.

This is my router, again to do with the computer internet, not that I know much about it. I may be a blogger addict, I am actually helpless when something goes wrong.

This too controls my life. The radio alarm clock wakes me up. I am an owl and go to bed very late. If the alarm fails to ring in the morning, I get into a frantic rush. otherwise Sam has no lunch to take to school, and I will be late.

These cell towers control so many people. They swear they can't survive without their cell phone. Recently, I went to a friend's house in the bush. She lives just at the edge of cell coverage. Parts of her house gets coverage, parts don't. Just last week, she tried to help a girl who had a nasty accident, but there was no cell phone coverage. The girl sadly died.

The car controls not only the radio, CD but also the temperature.
My classroom can be very hot in summer, I have a standing fan to keep me cool. In winter, we have a panel, it is controlled by some central heating system, so I couldn't find a knob here. The furnace is just next to my room. Once, in another school, the furnace blew up and some one died. My building superintendent joked with me to watch out, my life is controlled by the furnace.

I have an old fashion radio CD and cassette player which I don't use a lot. My students use my computer.

Most of you may not have seen these car steering wheels lookalike. In companies or schools where there is a lot of things that need to be stored and not much storage space, these mobile cabinets can be moved by steering these wheels. The cabinets move and allow users to enter the aisle.

This is the side of a very big truck. This truck is not solid but have strong plastic materials. These clasps controls the truck. The little knobs too must be some controlling thingy.

Sunday Stills,the next challenge: Controls
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This may take a little looking for. By controls I mean anything used to turn on or control a non-living device, knobs,switches,keypads,buttons, you get the idea, I hope. Any Q’s and I’ll try to get online to answer them.


Hi Ed,

Help, we are under sieged by these little gadgets.


Ah Ngao said...

mmm,...if your place there gets thunderstorm often,it's wise to unplugged the modem line(you're an "addict",right?)if your modem and router "kong"...then you're out of business. those big steering wheels really looks funny...haha

Wanda said...

Oh my, and I thought my husband was a gadget collector!!

What a fun read.

I'm honored that you came to my blog, and plan to come back. I sure I would love to have you in a study with me.

I will be checking out your other blogs too.

Wanda from

Cheryl said...

Its amazing how many "controls" we have in our lives!

Ed said...

True, there are too many controls in our lives, great shots..:-)

lina@home sweet home said...

Ann, it's truly great post. It seems that we love being controlled...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments.
Tamarind is one of common cooking spices here. I still can't recommend to use assamko to clean things, I've never tried it...

allhorsestuff said...

Yea...there are soo many things that seem to control US!

Ensurai said...

Yes Indeed...we are controlled by controls!!

(psssst...I got rid of my remote gate control because I had so much trouble with I am back with a manual gate....will see if I am going to get a new remote control...)

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a great variety of "conrols", nice job. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great job Ann! You captured lots of controls!! I need some of those storage cabinets with the steering wheels:)

Jama said...

Electricity play an important part in our lives, we can't do without it! sometimes I wonder how our grandparents can survive without them last time.
My son is with the civil defence,and those are his boots which he still polish them religiously even though it's not necessary anymore.

Brenda said...

Great shots. I have never seen doors that are moved by steering wheels! That is ingenious!

Michelle said...

Lol, I got a laugh from your post - I'm a technophobe too! You found a ton of great controls to photograph, great selection!

Regular Guy said...

Controls are everywhere. Nice job.