Saturday, April 17, 2010

sunday still: Potluck

It is unlikely that NASA will let me buy a packet deal to send Ed to outer space, so I arranged a special deal with Sir. Richard Branson. Here you are Ed, Happy Birthday and enjoy!.
Your choice of rockets

Your choice of destination.

Pre-launch party, a whole bucket of lollies.

A Polynesian lolly scramble, so much sugar that you don't need to eat for your entire trip.

I will be at the mission controls so you are assured you won't fall into a blackhole.

We will give you the company of a brave lion, two purple Martian girls, and a fellow astronaut. Don't worry about the lion, he is not the lion that went with Dorothy. The kids will give you a grand send off.

The suit will keep you nice and snug.

Finally when you feel a little peckish, here's some astronaut icecream. The instruction says it is very easy to make.
Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Potluck

Well since I’m home for a visit with the folks I did’nt come up with anything, so just get out and take some new pics of something fun and interesting…:-)

Happy Birthday, Ed. I am combining this post with Potluck and giving Ed a birthday celebration he won't forget.


Anonymous said...

this looks like a lot of fun :)
i like the first photo, it's my fav

Ed said...

Thanks Ann!!! Great shots, and I remember as a kid going to the Smithsonian air and space museum and trying the freeze dried ice cream and loved it...:-)

Barry said...

Happy Birthday Ed. Not everyone gets the Universe as a gift!

Anonymous said...

Nice job Ann. And a sweet birthday salute to Ed as well. :)

Shirley said...

How thoughtful of you Ann! Fun post.

Brenda said...

fun post Ann! You just made Ed's day! Astronaut ice cream? And Ed said he liked it!

VioletSky said...

too funny,

and the word verification is MORK! (does that make you Mindy?)

Holly said...

what fun!

Sandy Trefger said...

Ha, ha, very good and fun potluck and birthday celebration post for Ed!

Anonymous said...

Good job - wish I was there for the sugar rush!!

Pete said...

Opps,I don't want to fall into the black hole! arrggggggggggh, ha ha ha!

Dave said...

An interesting and imaginative blog Ann. Well done! - Dave